sabato 18 marzo 2023

My Review: Worn Out - The Unknown Demo

 Worn Out - The Unknown Demo

Can you imagine a melody with Gothic fingerprints emerging dazed but happy from a psychiatric visit by a German band?

The result can be found inside The Unknown Demo, four swaggering Post-Punk raids full of Darkwave attitude, which are the obvious form of atonement for the sins of many individuals and which Worn Out have summed up and explained in these intense tracks, with guaranteed emotion, while the body, dancing, bounces through the dust of sadnesses beautifully stitched together.

They sing of loneliness, of paths of unavoidable damage, of screams and drowned souls, of unfinished letters, while the music acts as an altar, an invocation, a jolt, a basin to welcome extinguished spirits. 

To feel enveloped by these atmospheres is to find continuity with what one has always loved: those who are predisposed to this kind of music smile while holding a skeleton in their hands. Worn Out have written four icy wedges and thrown in our expectations, because in these parts joy is grey leading to black, irresistible...

Alex Dematteis



18th March 2023

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