martedì 21 marzo 2023

My Review: Systeme Paradoxe - Histoires Ordinaires

Systeme Paradoxe - Histoires Ordinaires

The world heats up while souls cool down, and in this play of forces something has to intervene, to bring this silent struggle to a halt. The Parisian duo Systeme Paradoxe does this very well, with songs that know how to use shrewdness, tension, dilating and compressing reflections on waves full of icy Coldwave drops, to witness dialogue that has become stale and ineffective. Harsh notes, swinging rhythms and the voice that becomes a shiver that throws flames inside the hardened crystals of our thinking, a boiling of feelings that scream in a low voice.

In a few but impeccable minutes: their class protects and frustrates our absent mental flow, offering miles of quality. Their lyrics and music are a slap in the face, elegant and disturbing, a making clear of our decline, with tears flowing out of our footsteps. The two of them, during Rouge, become a Kurosawa film, slow and abysmal, crushing the mind towards a mental thread of awareness, with electronics accompanying an artistic attitude devoted to decadence, the day after the end...

The most mysterious Kraftwerk appears during Zero Zero, an articulate mass, where the reading of Holy Scripture is confined within the recitative of a voice metabolised in the clearest sadness.

All the compositions seem to overlook and end in a landslide: all subtly subtle, but with the knowledge that no smile will be offered...

Alex Dematteis
21st March 2023

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